WhyKawaii is a new blog for super cuteness. From food and art to game reviews and gadgets, the mission is to find the best out there and highlight them for you.

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It’s our hope that WhyKawaii becomes your go to place for cuteness infusion. In addition to delivering cute pictures and product highlights, our goals include:

  •  Hosting quarterly giveaways
  • Providing honest product reviews 
  • Attending and reporting from various conventions
  • Delivering weekly e-newsletters 

Kawaii means: cute, loveable, or adorable. It’s Japanese and cute is all infused in their culture.

Because looking at cute things creates a positive experience. It makes people happy. Not only that, but after viewing cute images and things, work performance improves. It’s true. There’s a study. Read it here.


Merry, owner

Kawaii fanatic. California travel ninja. Music Advocate. Filipino fury operative. Former non-profit arts marketer. New mommy and wife.
Lofty Life Goal: To speak 5 languages
Can’t Get Enough of: Rainbows, Star Trek The Next Generation, Maple Story, and San-X


Streakist, contributor

Happy Husband/Father. Research Analyst. Technical problem solver. Part time gamer. Passionate bacon enthusiast. SciFi nerd. Amateur rubiks cuber. Life Goal: Get Master’s Degree and relocate to beautiful San Diego
Favorite Cute Game: Castle Crashers / Favorite Non-Cute Game: Halo Series

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