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Chloe and Abigail are a creative sister-duo who are inspired by anything cute! They have new prints available in their shop with a British patriotic flair. I like them. My favorite is the one with the cab titled, “Hello London”. I enjoy the iconic landscape and the pleasantries between the characters. It’s endearing! Check out their art over at!

Earl Grey Print by

MightyBlighty by

HelloLondon by


I was able to pin these busy gals down for a quick interview:

What inspired the idea of doing a patriotic series?
We’re British and proud so we wanted to show off our culture. There are also many British stereotypes and it’s always fun to illustrate these. For our “Patriotic Pets” print, we wanted to show which cute creatures are native to the different regions in Great Britain.

This art is a bit different than the rest of your portfolio, isn’t it?
It is a little bit, but I think that all of our artwork is cute! Our prints are a little different because they were designed purposely for the art prints. We believe our style is maturing and that great illustrators are always reinventing their style! It keeps things fresh.

I hear you released a new book! Tell me about it.
Yes, The Buttercrumble Book is now available in our store. We started working on the book because we wanted a physical place to display our illustrations and we wanted to involve others. We made sure that we held lots of contests for other creative lovers of cute so that they could have the opportunity to display their work in the book. We love how much support we got from our artist friends and many of these artists appeared in the book along side all of the puzzles, quizzes and recipes we created. We’re currently brainstorming ideas for our next book so keep an eye out for it!

What made you fall in love with kawaii style? Any particular artists, cartoons?
We watched cartoons such as the Powerpuff girls when we were younger so I suppose that definitely influenced us. However, we’re also in love with anything vintage, retro or Scandinavian. We really do have a broad taste! Our favourite artists/designers are Orla Kiely, Meg Hunt, Teagan White and Michelle Romo and I would definitely say they inspire us! Although, the best inspiration comes when you’re not looking.

What music do you listen to why creating? I need some new music on my playlist!
We enjoy listening to The Killers, Paloma Faith, Coldplay, White Lies and Snow Patrol. Anything that makes our ears happy. Shop




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