Bento (Lunch) Box Family!

I love packing my lunch in bento boxes. They help me keep the portions just right and also help me microwave the food to the perfect heat for each type of food. Since I pack my veggies in the top tier and the meats in the bottom tier, I can pop them in the microwave separately. It always takes a bit longer to heat meats than the veggies, right?
Momotaro Bento Set
Kotobuki Girl Ninja Bento Set
Boy Bento Box Set
Samurai Warrior Bento Set
Iron Chef Bento Set
Sumo Wrestler Bento Set
I don’t have cool bento like these. These are soooo cute and…they look a bit like Lego’s, don’t they? They’re like your little lunch warriors or companions. A little friend to have with you at lunch to remind you to eat healthy. Like this post? Please share the kawaii happiness with your friends!
Pink Kimono Bento Set
Daruma Bento Set
Lucky Cat Bento Set
Blue Samurai Bento Set
Cherry Blossom Girl Bento Set
Kintaro Bento Set
French Maid Bento Set
Kimono Princess Bento Set
Geisha Doll Bento Set

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