Cloud Treat Box by

Printable Boxes for Valentine’s Day

So you got a great Valentine’s gift, but forgot to get a box for it, huh? I do that ALL THE TIME. I’m always rushing last minute to run to the store for wrapping supplies. Well – I got you covered. Here...
Chinese New Year Envelopes by Tokidoki

Hiss! Year of the Snake!

The Year of the Dragon is ending and here comes the ssssssssssnake! To celebrate, print these envelopes, fill them with moolah and give ’em to your friends. Courtesy of Tokidoki.
Valentine Game by

FREE Printable Valentine Game

It’s a matching memory game with cupcakes, cookies, candies and hearts. Print it out and have some fun. 🙂 Link:
Ursula by Gus Santome

FREE Mini Papercrafts by Gus Santome

This guy does AMAZING paper crafts chibi style. I want to make them all and assemble them all over my home. I think I will make some and hide them in between cups in the cupboard and in flower pots. There are TONS of fre...

FREE kawaii stationary downloads

Is this stationary set cute, or what? It’s called Coffee Love and it’s available for FREE at They have other sets there, too, like ChocoMilk, Munch (two eated chocolate chip cookies), and Cupc...

Super cool icons for your PC

These really cute and clever icons pictured above highlight just 5 of the 31 icon sets available for download at YUPIDLE. There’s all kinds of icons – If you’re into American movies, there’s the A...