Cute St. Patrick’s Day Food!

Look! Cute food for St. Patrick’s Day. Something good for breakfast, and a treats for after lunch and dinner. Spread happiness – share this kawaii post with your friends. <3
1. Double Rainbow Pancakes – The author says it didn’t take forever…we’ll see. Let me know if she’s a liar.
Double Rainbow Pancakes
2. Leprechaun Hat S’Mores – Easy! Just a few ingredients: Keebler® Fudge Stripes™ Cookies, Large Marshmallows, Green & Chocolate Candy Melts & Sprinkles. Done!
leprechaun hat smores
3. Pot o’ Gold – Cake pops all dressed up. I say, why not skip the baking part and just use cordial cherries instead? They’re the same shape when you flip ’em upside down. Also, you can use frosting on top of a cookie to make the cordials stand up. But of course, you have to make the frosting look like grass. And then maybe add some flower sprinkles.
Pot of Gold by



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