Cute Animal Tail Wireless Mice

I need a new mouse. I need a new mouse because the one I have is ugly. It’s black and has an HP logo on. Bleh. I suppose I could go to a craft store and buy some bling and painstakingly glue them on….but am I? No. So I went shopping around in search for the cutest I could find.
First, I found this Frog Mouse at USBGeek. I think it’s funny that the left/right buttons are the eyes. Plink Plink! Muahahahahaha!
Frog Mouse
It’s cute…but not that cute and it’s not wireless. So, the search continued. And I found a STAR! It looks a bit of Christmas, but it also reminds me of video games, too. But nope. It’s cute but there’s that dang-nabbit cord. WHY DO THEY STILL MAKE MICE WITH CORDS?
Star Mouse
But finally I think my search is over. Look at these bad boys.
Tail Mouse
Looook! I could get a pig, squirrel, fox, bunny, whale, rat and I’m not sure what the green and beige-y/pink ones are on the left. Help me out with those. Is the green one supposed to by CJ7 or something? Have you SEEN that movie? It’s awesome – this movie made me feel ALL emotions. I was engaged and invested in the characters and that darn CJ7 is so cute. And WTH I’ll tell you. I even cried at one part in the movie. I can’t believe I did that.
So! There you have it. These are the cutest. They’re modern, subtle-y cute and the tail is the USB thingie that you plug in because it’s WIRELESS as a mouse should be. I just have to decide which one. I’m thinking the fox has my heart. If you missed it, here’s the link to these tail mice things.
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