Ear Phone Cord Winder

I really need this for my iPhone ear cord thing. I like everything in my bag to have it’s place, and my ear phone cords are just a strangled mess in there, you know? And then when I need to use it, I just wanna use it — I don’t want to stand there for a minute trying to untangling the thing. So this ear cord wrap is a good find for me. Maybe you’ll find it useful, too. I found it at shopkawaii.com for $10.99. If you’re not into black cats, they also have Rilakkuma (bear), Korilakkuma (bear), and Tsukkomi (chick). They’re also $10.99.
About Kawaii Gifts (shopkawaii)
Kawaii Gifts was established at Nov 2002 in Pittsburgh, PA. They specialize in Japanese kawaii (cute) gifts and fancy goods and stocks Japanese imports, collectible vinyl toys, miniatures, etc.  Japanese imports include popular brands like San-X, Kamio, Q-Lia, Crux, Mind Wave, and Iwako.  Kawaii Gifts is also an authorized retailer for vinyl toys from Kid Robot, Strange Co., and Rotofugi.  Other brands include Re-Ment miniatures, Momiji dolls, Ugly Dolls, Giant Microbes, and Sanrio.
About Kutsushita
“Kutsushita Nyanko”, is a cat created by San-x. Kutsushita wears socks on his paws because he believes that cat-lovers are attracted to kittys with white paws, and he wants them to love him, too. By the way did you know that his real name is “Bon Chan”?
About San-X
Originated in 1932, San-X is one of the largest character oriented stationary and gift manufacturing company in Japan. Since 1980, including the well known Rilakkuma, Mikanbouya, Kireizukin, Kogepan, Afro Ken, Nyan Nyan Nyanko, Tarepanda, and San-X had created more than 800 characters to the market and have many fans not only in Japan but among the world such as US.
The San-X logo, a four-leaf clover with San-X’s symbol color, blue, represents their heart and soul for wishing “Good Luck”. The symbol also represents their hope that their products fill their customers with happiness . In addition, their logo is also a company image to symbolize youthfulness, novelty (freshness), challenge, and future.

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