Edible Tea Cups

I was always envious of Willy Wonky when he bit into that yellow tea cup after singing “Pure Imagination“. It looked so crunchy and butterscotchy. Although we can’t have those cups, we can have edible tea cups made from ice cream cones. And they’re CUTE, too!!!

1. HUGE Waffle Tea Cups – These look great for sundaes. Only 4 ingredients, no baking required and simple! Here are the instructions.
Edible Tea Cups by 504main


2. Sugar Cone Tea Cups – So cute! 6 ingredients and also no bake. Instead of frosting, I think a chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s would taste awesome. Instructions here!
Edible Tea Cups by SheKnows


3. Meringue Topped  Tea Cups – These are so cute! I don’t care for meringue cookies, but I’ll accept it in this case since it’s so cute pretending it’s whipped topping. Watch the how to video here.
Edible Tea Cups by Kin Parents
4. Colorful Gummy Ring Tea Cups – If you need something bright and cheery, these are the edibles for you. Here’ s the instructions! 
Edible Tea Cups from Familygo

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