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Personify yo' ride!

Personify yo’ ride!

Just tell me that these are not cute and I will punch your face.
Man, these are cute, right?! I bet they’re a big pain to put on your car, though. You know, I have a hard time putting fake lashes on myself. I get impatient. You have to take your time to get them on straight, and then you have to deal with the glue — and forget about putting on individual lashes. I’d be in the bathroom in front of the mirror for like 8 hours if I had to put on the individual lashes. I’d have to call in sick to work to start getting my lashes on for that after work mixer.
I wonder if it would take 8 hours for me to figure out how to get these lashes on my car. It’s too much pressure trying to get something straight. I’d probably have someone else do it for me.
You know what else is cool about these car lashes (besides the cuteness)? You can take them through a car wash. Yep. That’s what their website says.
Oh. BTW – they have these lashes in pink, too. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Nice!
Carlashes™ eyelashes and crystal eyeliner are the newest hot products for your car. The trademark Carlashes™ is a new automotive aftermarket brand created to allow cars to be personalized with a feminine touch.
Carlashes™ are sold by Turbo Style Products, a new company formed in January 2010 and based in Park City, Utah. Turbo Styles mission is to be THE leading supplier of female automotive aftermarket products.
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