FREE Mini Papercrafts by Gus Santome

This guy does AMAZING paper crafts chibi style. I want to make them all and assemble them all over my home. I think I will make some and hide them in between cups in the cupboard and in flower pots. There are TONS of free papercrafts for download on Gus’ blog at But, here are my 5 favorite!
1. Ursula – Uh…he made Ursula looked cute. That’s impressive. So that’s why this papercraft gets the #1 spot.
Ursula by Gus Santome
2. Vegeta – Look! You can flip his face and BOOM! He’s Sūpā Saiya-jin!
Vegeta by Gus Santome
3. Avatar Aang – I love Aang. Great job on the art on this one. Actually, the way this looks reminds me of the girl that played Aang in the play by the Ember Island Players that Team Avatar watched in the Fire Nation.
Avatar Anng by Gus Santome
4. Hulk – Hulk SMASH! Look at those muscles. He’s so cute. <3
Hulk by Gus Santome
5. She-Ra – I can’t believe Gus thought to make She-Ra. I loved watching her cartoons when I was little. She was my hero. I also loved Jem and the Holograms.
SheRa by Gus Santome

3 thoughts on “FREE Mini Papercrafts by Gus Santome

  1. Hi,

    Gus once made mini Simpsons. But mediafire removed yhe links and he didn’t put them on another side.
    Do you have them? And if so, can you send them to me? Because they look so great?
    You can send them to

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