Game Review: Hackycat by Ken Wong

Game Review - Hackycat by ken wong
I’m sure you can guess what this game is about. YOU KICK CATS! Muahahahahhaha!  To start, you have a choice between two athletes. I guess you can unlock a wolf later.
Game Review: Hackycat Corrine Athlete
Game Review: Hackycat - Toby Athlete
To play, just bounce the cats in the air with your foot, knee or head. It’s easy to do this – just touch the screen.
Game Review - Hackycat
You get more points if you let the cat get really low before you kick it back up. Oh so dangerous, because if the cat hits the floor, it’s game over. You can play with multiple cats at the same time and adopt them, too.
Game Review - Hackycat
Use your cat to collect cheezburgers. Do all cats like cheezburgers, or what? You need the burgers because it’s your currency in the game and you’re going to want to buy cool stuff and adopt some sweet kitties.
Game Review - Hackycat
Game Review - Hackycat



CONTROLS – 10/10

LIKED – Kicking cats and adopting/collecting them. I have hoarder tendencies.

DISLIKED – I couldn’t figure out how to do combos. It took me 2 minutes to figure out and that’s way too long.

BOTTOM LINE – It’s a fun time waster kind of game like Fruit Ninja. It’s not addicting, nor that engaging. It’s not a game that I miss a few hours after playing, but it did make me miss playing hacky sack in real life.

WANT? Here’s the link to get it.  

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