Game Review: Hungry Oni by Futuretro Studios

In this fast paced puzzle game you are responsible for feeding Oni (your demon).

You feed him by catching fruit as it falls from a magic tree. But here’s the catch/challenge, you can only eat the falling fruit that is the same color as the tree, eating other fruits will make Oni very ANGRY! The challenge comes from avoiding the wrong fruit, which is harder than catching the right colored fruit at times.
There are special rainbow leaves that change the color of the magic tree; the tree also changes colors when you eat the wrong fruit. You can also get streaks and combos by doing well, which leads to a fun bonus section where it rains Oins (the game’s currency) from overhead!
You can unlock a ton of things in this game like meals (they get faster), fruits (worth more Oins), costumes (wearing costumes allows more unlockables) and achievements.


GRAPHICS – This game dazzles the user with its well designed, smooth and fun art style. The animation really shines in this game, giving it a true sense if depth and character that I feel is missing in many apps these days.

CONTROLS – Oni handles extremely well, and if you eat the wrong fruit you have no one but yourself to blame

LIKED – Oni! He’s just an amusing character. Unlockables gives you a nice reason to keep coming back for more.

DISLIKED – The game doesn’t change much as you unlock new levels, it’s just gets faster and therefore harder. Sometimes the jump in difficulty from one meal to the next is a steep transition for the user.

BOTTOM LINE – At its heart, Hungry Oni is a very well executed, thoughtfully designed game with loads of unlockables. It’s probably not something you’ll be playing a year from now but it’s definitely worth going through and exploring the world of Oni for a while to see where it takes you.

WANT? Here’s the link to get it.
Developer’s Site

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