Game Review: Kawaii Pet MEGU by Feynman Co.

Kawaii Pet Megu
I’ve been playing Kawaii Pet MEGU for 2 weeks. It’s a standard pet game. You have to feed it, play with it, bathe it, and clean it’s home.  It’s reminiscent of the old hand held Tamagotchi games.


KawaiiPetMegu Charge to Evolve


One of the cool things about Kawaii Pet MEGU is the use of the power cord during game play. To evolve your pet, you have to plug your phone in (I thought this was clever). You may “charge” your pet once a day. I think it took three charges to get my pet to evolve from the blue guy you see in the picture above, to a little cute green guy with horns in the corner of my logo in the picture below.
Kawaii Pet Megu - Twitter Connect
Twitter is integrated pretty seamlessly into the game. When your pet evolves, the game asks you if you’d like to update your Twitter picture to show off your pet. Cute, right? Your friends list is pulled from your Twitter connections. That means if your Twitter follower is playing Kawaii Pet MEGU, they’re automagically your friend in the game.  You can see my friends below – and dude – they are high level!!
Kawaii Pet Megu - Twitter Friends
OMG my Twitter friends are so high level!
Don’t worry – you don’t have to play 10 years to get to the current max level of 350. Leveling is fast. I’m level 38 and I’ve only been playing 2 weeks, at maybe twice a day. The higher level you are, the more cool and cute things you can buy for your pet with your coins (not real money – it’s fake game money).
If you’re dying to use your real money, you can buy elixirs. Elixirs get you into events, and the events get you limited edition and rare items. It costs 1 elixir to play an event the first time and 5 elixirs for every time thereafter. Events are always changing, so if you snooze you lose! Occasionally when you level, the game will throw you a free elixir. I think that’s nice for us poor folks.
Kawaii Pet MEGU - Elixirs
Other in-game activities include playing games with your friends. There are two mini-games available: MEGU Race and Sumo. No talent required. Just select a game and watch it play out in front of you. No button pushing. You just sit back and watch the outcome. Lighter pets win the races and heavier pets win the sumo. Trick is that you don’t get to see your opponents stats before you select your mini-game, so you have a 50/50 chance of winning.


Kawaii Pet MEGU - Sumo

Sumo match!




GRAPHICS – It’s sloppy style kawaii. The game isn’t “pixely”, you know what I mean? It’s more like it’s been sketched out. I prefer a pixel look – but what they’re doing works. It’s ok.

CONTROLS – Easy. SO EASY. Push buttons to select stuff and the game does the work for you. I think I only use my finger to swipe the screen when I want to pet my MEGU, or play ball toss with it.

LIKED – I like watching my pet evolve and I like visiting my friends’ pets. I also like the Twitter integration.

DISLIKED – Getting signed in was a hassle. I guess my original username was too long, but the prompts never told me that, so I kept typing and typing my desired username in and nothing would happen. It was frustrating.

BOTTOM LINE – I’ll keep playing, I think. I want to see all of the different houses I can get my pet. I enjoy games where I can decorate and dress stuff up. I also like that it’s a game that doesn’t take a ton of time. It’s a game I can play, and put down at the drop of a hat without worrying about “pausing” or “dying”.

WANT? Here’s the link to get it on iTunes


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