HUGE Rubber Duck Invades China

Huge Duck Invades China

If you’re super into kawaii – I’m sure you’ve heard about the giant inflatable rubber duck made by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. It’s 16.5 metres high and 19.2 metres long. It’s a big guy. AND SO CUTE. The giant rubber duck in the ocean represents the union of people. In essence, the oceans of Earth are likened to a global bathtub and the rubber duck reminds many of family moments playing in the tub. Hence, all of humanity is family and we all share the world.
So, in honor of this floating duck that I hear will be visiting California sometime in the near future (yay!), here are some cute things I found on Etsy!
Ducky Necklace by marymaryhandmade - $48
Ducky Necklace by marymaryhandmade – $48
RaggedyFox Duck Necklace -  $9.59
RaggedyFox Duck Necklace – $9.59
Unicorn Rubber Duck Soap by PinkParchmentSoaps
Unicorn Rubber Duck Soap by PinkParchmentSoaps – $6

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