Kawaii Comic Spotlight: Pusheen the Cat


Pusheen the cat is an animated web comic series produced by Pusheen Corp. Pusheen is a fat domestic shorthair grey tabby who has a big imagination! She also likes to eat, eat, eat and play dress up, too.
I like this comic because:

  • the cat is cute and fat
  • the art is simple & clean
  • of the real life funny cat behavior 
Here are a few of my favorite comic strips. If you want to see the animated versions, click on the picture and you’ll be transported to the pusheen website.
Pusheen - Cat Etiquette
Pusheen - Hostess Goodbye
Pusheen - Marshmallow
Pusheen - I Love Fall
“To contact Pusheen the cat directly, call out to her from your heart. She’ll hear you.”

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