Kawaii Valentine Cards

Ah! It’s Valentine’s DAY! If you procrastinated, but still want to do something quick – print some of these little guys out RIGHT NOW and then you can act like you have your stuff together and that you’re a thoughtful fore-sighted person. Here are 4 to choose from. Or print them all, it’s your ink.
1. NINJA VALENTINES – And they’re cute and I would like to receive one. Here’s the download link.
Ninja Valentines
2.  DISNEY CUTIES – You know I’m a fan of the Disney Cuties. Just LOOK at them, man. Adorable. Here’s the download link. I know you’re in a hurry.
Disney Cutie Valentine Cards
3. KAWAII ANIMALS – I love me some Pandas. In fact, if you have time – go over and check out this panda post. Here’s the download link for these cards. Actually, you get more than cards. It’s a whole kit of stuff. You’ll see.
Printable Valentine's by creativemamma.com
4. Sketch Kawaii – These are cute. It’s a little bit French, a little bit Kawaii. Download link here. 
Kawaii Valentine's Cards

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