Nyanpire is a cute cat-vampire!

Nyanpire is a super cute cat who was saved by a vampire right before death. The cartoons are super short – like, 2 minutes long. I slipped out a few giggles watching episode 1. If you have a few minutes, go watch a few episodes. I watched subbed episodes at animecrazy.net.
Of course, after falling in love with the cute cats, I went searching for cute plushes!! Nyancat stuff is a difficult find, but here are a few special items I was able to find.
1. 16GB USB Nyanpire Flash Drive – This is convenient as you can put it in your wallet. I’ve never used a flash drive in the form of a “card”. I only have flash drives in stick form. I wonder how you plug this one in? Anyway – it’s cute if you know how to use it, I think.
Nyanpire Flash Drive
2. Nyanpire Coffin Tissue Cover – Oh so goth-lolita on the outside and, well, the inside, too! I like that this tissue box has a cover. Keeps the tissues cleaner.
Nyanpire Tissue Box
3. Plushes! – I found Nyanpire, Nyatenshi, & Masamunya, too!
Here’s a preview video of the series!

2 thoughts on “Nyanpire is a cute cat-vampire!

  1. Nyanpire does rock – I have Nyanpire, Chachumaru, Masamune, Nyatenchi and the little White cat Nyatenchi torments too. Though I have found that the word Nyanny has slipped into my vocabulary.

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