Orisinal: Morning Sunshine

I was thinking about what I should write about for my first game review when my mind drifted off into La-La Land and I started thinking about clouds and babies. About how soft and cuddly looking they are, and then I remembered Orisinal. Orisinal games make me feel soft and cuddly inside because the graphics are way kawaii and the music is perfect. There are 61 games to enjoy and game play is simple. You just need to click one button on your mouse. No massive gaming skillz necessary and they take minimal brain power. That makes these games good to play when you’re on the phone at work, or waiting for something to finish doing what it’s doing on your computer.
Here’s my Top 5 Favorite:
Casanova by Orisinal
1. CASANOVA  – In this game, you’re a cute giraffe. The point of the game is to stretch out your neck to kiss the other giraffes that are walking past you. Each giraffe that’s passes by is of differing height, so there’s a bit of challenge to get your neck at the correct height for points.
Casanova Game by Orisinal
Casanova by Orisinal
Wake Up Call by Orisinal
2. Wake Up Call – I love the concept of this game. It’s way cute. The story is that you’re a cute little mouse falling down a tree with a leaf to help wake up the butterflies by throwing little pellets at their cocoons. I I can picture the little mouse saying “It’s time to wake up! Get up lazy bones!” The mouse is so bossy, isn’t he? The game is great fun because of the rapid fall action. Click your mouse once to jump and you can shoot up to 3 pellets per jump.
Wake Up Call by Orisinal
You can see me shooting the pellets.
Wake Up Call by Orisinal
I woke up the butterflies.
 3. Panda Run – Panda Run by OrisinalPanda’s! It’s fun to play a panda bear. This guy is running through some bamboo and all you have to do is click to jump in order to avoid obstacles like rocks and birds. You also must jump to collect paper lanterns. You want the lanterns. They give you mushrooms and mushrooms are always a good thing in the world of gaming.
Panda Run by Orisinal
I got a green lantern and it gave me magical protection! There’s an obvious DC Universe joke here – but I won’t make it.
Friends Always Stick Together by Orisinal4. Friends Always Stick Together – It’s the tortoise and the hare…but they’re sitting top of each other instead of racing each other. They like to do piggy back because they’re friends now. I guess their racing days are over and they like to cooperate instead of compete. Ok – so they sit on each others’ shoulders and the point of the game is to knock down the apples. But beware! There are crows droppin’ bombs on you and snakes in the road you must avoid. Put the Rabbit on top of the tortoise and the hare will knock out the snakes. But the tortoise on top of the hare and the tortoise will shoot down the crows. Easy peasy.
Friends Always Stick Together by Orisinal
Knockin’ out the snakes. Watch out! There’s a crow comin’!
Friends Always Stick Together by Orisinal
Gettin’ some apples for their bellies!
5. Milk The CowMilk the Cow by Orisinal – The game play on this one feels like a flight simulator. You’re flying over the cows and trees and all you have to do is click the cows. Why? Because that’s how you milk them, silly! Click enough cows to fill up your jug and you’re done. Game over. No time constraints – just try to beat your best time.
Milk the Cow by Orisinal
Bet you can’t beat my time.

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