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Edible Tea Cups from Familygo

Edible Tea Cups

I was always envious of Willy Wonky when he bit into that yellow tea cup after singing “Pure Imagination“. It looked so crunchy and butterscotchy. Although we can’t have those cups, we can have edible t...
Ninja Valentines

Kawaii Valentine Cards

Ah! It’s Valentine’s DAY! If you procrastinated, but still want to do something quick – print some of these little guys out RIGHT NOW and then you can act like you have your stuff together and that you&...
Cloud Treat Box by

Printable Boxes for Valentine’s Day

So you got a great Valentine’s gift, but forgot to get a box for it, huh? I do that ALL THE TIME. I’m always rushing last minute to run to the store for wrapping supplies. Well – I got you covered. Here...
The Legend of Panda by

Artist Spotlight: Miranda of Panduhmonium

Miranda’s art philosophy is keep is simple and keep it cute. She’s the owner of, a site whose art and products are all about the panda bear. Her cute pandas pose with glasses, hold balloons a...
Nyan Cat Plush

Nyan Cat Cuddle Time!

Yep. You can buy the Nyan-Cat and play with it for reals. No need to cue YouTube to hear the song while you play with your plush. All you have to do is squeeze the little guy to hear the song. AWESOMES! Thank you ThinkGe...
Cash Giveaway

$600 I ♥ Cash Giveaway

  Welcome to the $600 I ♥ Cash Giveaway! Hosted by Giveaway Promote. We’ve teamed up with a great group of bloggers to bring you this fabulous giveaway. Yay! It’s our first giveaway! Three lucky people will w...
Unicorn Cake by Heather Sherman

The Most Amazing Cake I Have Ever Seen

This is the most amaze-balls cake I have ever seen in my life. Not only did this lady make a large rainbow unicorn with rainbow twisty locks, but she made a little baby, too. AND LOOK AT THOSE FEATHERS! Normally, I’...
Chinese New Year Envelopes by Tokidoki

Hiss! Year of the Snake!

The Year of the Dragon is ending and here comes the ssssssssssnake! To celebrate, print these envelopes, fill them with moolah and give ’em to your friends. Courtesy of Tokidoki.