Stay Cute for Sleepovers!

Warm Milk Blossom
I want something cuter for packing or staying over at friends’ houses. Sleeping bags are not the business when it’s time to roll them up and put them away. So, after searching around a bit, I found these cute backpack things called Pack-N-Sack Pals. The price for one of these is $125 (wowza), unless you want the panda, then it’s $130. And of course I want the Panda.
Pack-N-Sack Pals - Twinky
Pack-N-Sack Pals – Twinky
Pack-N-Sack Pals - Blossom
Pack-N-Sack Pals – Blossom
Pack-N-Sack Pals - Wrapped
Pack-N-Sack Pals – Wrapped
It comes with a pillow, fleece blanket and sleep mat that’s 58’’ x 15”. I would totally buy this, but I’m just a little taller than 58″ – bummer! But….who cares if my feet hang off the end, right?  Which one do you like?
Pack-N-Sack Pals Instructions by Warm Milk

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