The Legend of Korra: Republic City Run

Whaaaat’s this? I guess Nickelodeon has decided to give us Avatar fans a little morsel of Korra to let us know that they haven’t forgotten about us. This recently released game is a standard run and jump to collect things / avoid things (like cabbages – haha) game.
Press the up arrow to jump and press it again to airbend and stay in the air a bit longer. Space bar is the attack, and the attacks rotate between the elements. Chibi Korra – oh, did I forget to mention THAT THE CHARACTERS IN THE GAME ARE CHIBI?! How dare I? Yes. Korra is freaking chibi’d out. She’s so cute running with her stubby baby legs. The chi-blocking Equalists are chibi, too.
At the end of the game, you can spend your Yuan (those gold coins) on stuff that can help you in game. Like tokens that will summon a bison, fire ferret or even Naga. Just click the shopping cart when you get to the stats screen after Korra’s done crying.
Below, you’ll find 2 reviews. One from me, and one from my avid gamer husband, James. I told him he could be a Contributor on the Game Reviews. He begged and begged.

Graphics – 7/10
Controls – 3/10
Liked – The chibi. Seeing different parts of Republic City. The upgrade token system.
Disliked – Controls. I really wish I could choose which element to fight with.
Bottom Line – This game is quick fun and the token system will keep me coming back because I want to see what the flying bison looks like in game. Will it be all chibi, too???
Korra Republic City Run
Oh no! I has been defeated and now I cry my chibi tears! Waaaa!

Graphics – 7/10 (6 if not for cuteness)
Controls – 6/10 (Took a while to get use to, still not responsive enough.)
Liked – Funny show references, cabbages! Chibi!!
Disliked – Kinda boring, repetitive, lacks replayability
Bottom Line – Ultimately RCR (Republic City Run) feels like a generic endless runner game that’s been skinned with Korra characters and scenery, it also feels oddly out of place in the browser. This should have been put on a mobile platform where endless runner games belong. Can’t really complain though since it’s free, just expected more from Nick.
Korra Republic City Run

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