Unicorn Poop Cookies?!

Unicorn Poopies by Kristy Lynn
I was minding my own business looking for some cute stuff to look at and maybe some nom-nom recipes to bake and BAM! I found this sparkly awesome recipe for Unicorn Poop. Waaaaay more kawaii than that cat poop-litter recipe, right?
The recipe is on Instructables, which is a cool site – but you know what I find annoying? CLICKING. Why the heck do they make me click NEXT, NEXT, NEXT, just to see the whole dang thing of whatever I’m trying to learn? Oh – it’s because they want me to pay to go pro to have access to their PDF’s. That’s fine. I’ll just click Next.
The recipe was created by Kristy Lynn and I love the sparkles. If you’re interested, you can watch a 46 second video of her holding one of the poop cookies in the sunlight. The base of this cookie is a sugar cookie. You just gotta separate the batter into separate color batches. Then you have to put them in the fridge for awhile to firm up the dough, roll each color into multiple strands snake style and then combine the strands, form a poopy, bake, and decorate. Any rainbow baked good is a few more steps, but I think it’s worth it because RAINBOWS ARE CUUUUUUUTTTEEE!
Click here to get your bake on.

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