Usa-Chan backpack from Ouran Host Club

OMGIHASTOHAS. It’s Usa-Chan (or Bun-Bun if you read the manga) from Ouran High School Host Club! He looks so cute and from what I can see, the quality looks outstanding. Might be a great addition to your collection if you’re into cosplay. And even if you’re not, this little guy will be so cool to have around. He can sit with you on the couch while you’re watching TV, or you can buckle him in the backseat of your car. But if you take him in your car with you, make sure you park in the shade and crack the window open when you go into the store…don’t be mean! Poor Usa-Chan.
I found this little guy online at He’s on sale for $21.99.
By the way, did you know it’s Ouran Host Club month on WHYKAWAII? Well, it is so watch a YouTube video or two by clicking the button below.
Usa-Chan product review coming soon!

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