Valentine’s Day COOKIES


Yay! It’s time for sweets again! January is a nice break to have after eating all that pie at Thanksgiving and all of the cookies and fudge and chocolate during Christmas. But towards the end of January, after I’ve shed the pounds I gained over the holidays, I feel like my body says in its best Cookie Monster voice – “It’s time for COOKIE!” And then I think about The Office episode where everyone realized that Kevin sounds like Cookie Monster and then Jim parody’s Kevin.
1. The Oreo Penguin made by
This is one of my favorite sites and a site I go to first when looking for cute baking ideas.  This cookie idea doesn’t have a tutorial – but her description pretty much sums it up. If you have an imagination and study the picture, you can pretty much figure it out yourself. It’s made of cookie icing, sprinkles and of course an Oreo cookie.
Penguin Cookie by
2. Warm and Fuzzy Heart Pops made by
These cookies made the list because they are so dreamy and fanciful and because I LOVE ME SOME COTTON CANDEH!!!! Cotton Candy and cookies. Why haven’t I seen this before? I’m glad it’s in my life now.
Warm and Fuzzy Heart Cookie Pops by
3. Facebook Valentine Cookies made by
There’s no tutorial for this cookie – but I added it anyhow because it’s just so unique. I have NO IDEA what kind of cutter they started with, or maybe they made some kind of custom cutter out of paper or cardboard or something…At any rate, these cookies are a cute idea for the chronic Facebook user (like me), or for businesses and corporations  at conventions.
Facebook Valentine's Cookie by

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